Our Story

We love mermaiding!

On this page, we share our story with you.

Inspired by Disney’s The Little Mermaid, we Mermaid Tail Store webmasters have always had a passion for swimming under the water. How awesome would it be if we ‘on land people’ could experience this ourselves? We started looking around and found out many more people all over the world were curious about this aspect. After all, in the water you can experience a great ammount freedom in the most beautiful setting!

Mermaiding becomes more and more popular. Either if you’re a child or an adult, secretly we all would love to dive into the waves of the ocean and swim our dailty worries away. And this starts with a great tail and monfin. After all, the mermaiding move needs strength and the right balance. By using a good tail and fin, you will be able to make this powerful move easy and fast like a professional mermaid.

We’re trying to provide a nice ammount of mermaiding products to make your dream to become a real mermaid come true. We try to update our products as often as possible, so we can offer the best deals all the time. We recieve many e-mail from happy costumers, which gives us a great feeling over and over again.

Are you our next happy customer?

We invite you to look around in our selection of tails and monofins. By following our passion, we hope to offer the best products and costumer service as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time. You are only one step away for becomming a real mermaid or merman! Enjoy!